• 10/14: ALMS PTA Meeting 7 p.m.

• 10/16: Family Fitness Night, Zumba 7-8pm

• 10/23: Digital Media Summit, Free informative session for all parents K-12, 7-9p.m. NRHS, Whitney Young Auditorium

• 10/23: Red Ribbon Week Launch

• 10/28: Family Fitness Night, Crossfit 7-8pm

Tuesday, October 21
Day 3
Rockwell 7 - Taconic Outdoor Ed. Center
8:45 AM - 2:30 PM
Wednesday, October 22
Day 4
Huguenot 7 Bronx Zoo Trip - postponed to 10/29/14
Thursday, October 23
Day 1
Friday, October 24
Day 2
Monday, October 27
Day 3
Half Day - All ALMS Students - Dismissed at 11:35 am

Tuesday, October 28
Day 4
Family Fitness Night
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM



Today, 10/21/2014
High: 68 Low: 52
Chance rain showers
41% chance of precipitation.
Tomorrow, 10/22/2014
High: 59 Low: 47
80% chance of precipitation.
ALMS Staff and Students, please remember to wear red on Thursday, Oct. 23, as we launch our Red Ribbon Week activities!
Dear ALMS Families,
We hope everyone is having a great fall season and know we have had a wonderful start to the 2014 - 2015 school year. Thank you for your collaborative spirit and commitment to provide the very best to our amazing student body.
We are pleased to announce that our recent PEP RALLY in honor of the Blue Shirt Day® World Day of Bullying Prevention was a complete success. Albert Leonard Middle School was selected by the national organization,
STOMP Out Bullying to spread the message that bullying of all kinds must be stopped. The CEO and founder of STOMP Out Bullying, Ms. Ross Ellis, was enthusiastic to learn of our school's mission to eradicate bullying and to promote a school culture of up-standers. In addition, Armour Foods sponsored the pep rally, provided giveaways, and helped to arrange a special visit from celebrity, Mario Lopez. Please join me in celebrating the great work and partnership of STOMP Out Bullying, Armour Foods and the City School District of New Rochelle.

We hope you will please consider joining the ALMS PTA for this school year. We greatly appreciate all the wonderful things brought to our school community as a result of us having such an active, involved, and supportive Parent-Teacher Association. This year our Co-Presidents are Ms. Amy Pace and Ms. Fran Nordquist.
ALMS is a special place thanks to the incredible people that make up our school family!
If anyone would like to discuss student grades, overall academic progress, or any matters pertaining to social-emotional needs, please call the school at (914) 576 - 4339 to schedule an appointment or team meeting to address your inquiries.

It is a pleasure to serve as your principal.
With gratitude,
John Barnes
ALMS Principal

To the Albert Leonard Middle School Families,

It is with great enthusiasm that we are upon the 2014 - 2015 school year! My name is John Barnes and I am thrilled to be working with you and to serve the community as the Albert Leonard principal. I have worked for the last eleven years as a middle school principal. I love working with students as they transition from childhood to young adulthood and believe it is the most important time in the lives of young scholars.
The next Family Fitness Night is scheduled for Tuesday, October 28, from 7 - 8 pm.   We will be getting fit with CrossFit! Bring the whole family to the ALMS Gymnasium for an hour of fun and fitness!

Click here for the ALMS Extra Help Schedule! 
Extra Help Schedule.pdf
New Rochelle School District Presents: Digital Safety Summit!
Learn about the Risks and Benefits of Social Media.
A Free Informative Session for all Parents K-12.

Thursday, October 23rd, 7-9pm, Whitney Young Auditorium, NRHS.
Free bus transportation available and free childcare for elementary school age children. If interested, RSVP to NewRoSummit@gmail.com or your PTA president or school principal.
See attached flyer in English and Spanish

Please see link below for ALMS Co-Curricular Schedule 2014-2015.
Co-Curricular Schedule 2014.pdf
Important Update from our CSDNR Health department:
New York State Dept. of Health (NYSDOH) has released new immunization requirements for school entry in September 2014.  The students most effected are Kindergarten students and 6th grade Middle School Students. If you have any questions please contact the CSDNR Health office (914) 576-4264. Please click on the links below for important details.

6th grade Immunization

Kindergarten Immunization

Notice to Parents

NYS DOH Immunization letter

CSDNR CLOUD Information:

To CSDNR Parents & Guardians for Students in Grades 3-12
In order better to support teaching, learning and communications with your child(ren) in Grades 3-12 we
will be providing a secure CSDNR Google for Education email accounts for your child. This email
account will be utilized in the CSDNR CLOUD and students will only be able to communicate with
CSDNR teachers and with other CSDNR students who have nredlearn.org accounts. It is secure,
monitored, and safe.
Inside the CSDNR CLOUD students will be able to utilize secured email, word processing,
spreadsheets, presentation software, virtual storage, eBooks, wiki's, instructional software and
discussion boards-all secured and inside the CSDNR CLOUD. Students will not be able to email or
communicate outside the CSDNR CLOUD. Students will be monitored to make sure that they utilize
these tools responsibly and for the purpose of teaching, learning and communications. Access to email,
discussion boards, and virtual projects, will give students more opportunities to practice reading,
writing, research and communication skills. It will also provide students who are shy and have a
question, to communicate with their teachers through email. In addition, students using Google Docs
can electronically send their writing, presentations and projects to their teachers for feedback.
If you do not want your child to participate in this program, you can opt out by writing a note to your
building Principal stating that you do not wish your child(ren) to have a CSDNR Google for Education
email account.
If you choose to opt out, understand your child(ren) will be given the instructional
resources in a paper format and still be required to complete all assigned work.
We are excited to move instruction to a more 21st Century model for Grades 3-12 and extend learning
in a more digital way. We invite you to review the CSDNR CLOUD at www.nredlearn.org.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact:
Dr. Coleman, Director of Technology, Email: ccoleman@nred.org

En Espanol click here

Web-based Resources - Instructions for Students
We are pleased to provide students with access to Successmaker and Castle Learning. Please use the following instructions when logging on both from home and at school.
To log on to the SuccessMaker Student Interface and launch an assignment:
1. Open your browser and go to http://albertleonard.nred.org
2. Hover over your mouse cursor over "Student" and a menu will open. Click on "Successmaker" on the bottom of that menu.
3. On the "Log In" page, enter your Username (Student ID) and Password (Student ID), and then click "Log In."
4. Click your course's name on the "Assignments"page to launch the assignment.
To exit an assignment and log off the Student Interface:
1. Click the X (Close) to exit your course and preserve your session data.
2. Click "Log "Out" on the Student Interface page to log off SuccessMaker.
1. Go to www.castlelearning.com
2. Enter your child's CLO login ID and password* and click the Sign In button. *Note: If your child has not set a password, leave the password field blank for the first time and click Sign In. Then, follow the steps to create a password.
3. Assignments from teachers will appear near the top of the page under the section labeled Your Classes.
4. To generate an assignment without a teacher, select a Course to review in the middle of the Student Home Page and click the GO button. Once the screen refreshes your child can create an activity or review completed work.
5. Should you have any questions, please contact support@castlelearning.com

ALMS - Common Core Learning Standards Power Point presentation
ALMS PTA meeting
click here

Thank you to all who helped make Blue Shirt Day® World Day of Bullying Prevention a success!

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The New Rochelle School District Presents

A Digital Media Summit
The Risks and Benefits for Children Online

A free, informative session for all Parents - K-12

Click here for Info in Spanish

Thursday, October 23, 2014
Whitney Youn
g Auditorium
New Rochelle Hig
h School


“America’s Psychologist”
Dr. Jeff Gardere

Moderated by Mike Gilliam,
or, FiOS1 News

Dr. Christine Coleman
CSDNR Director of Technology

Nancy Friedman
Co-founder, KidzVuz

Lauren Barry
NRHS Students Against Destructive Decisions

Click here for more info about Presenters in English

Click here for more Info about Presenters in Spanish

Free bus transportation available and free childcare
for elementary school age children.
If interested,
RSVP to NewRoSummit@gmail.com
or your PTA president or school principal.

Spend an Evening Under the Stars

Mr. Zeller, his crew and Irving the planetarium projector will explain why Earth has seasons.  We will point out the planets visible in the evening and those visible in the morning.  Oasis in Space will be presented using our Spitz Scidome. Oasis in Space "transports the audience on a startling and beautiful voyage through our universe, galaxy and solar system in search of liquid water-a key ingredient for life on Earth" Spitz, Inc.

Date: Thursday, October 30, 2014

Place: New Rochelle High School Planetarium

Time: 7 p.m. Doors open at 6:45

Shows begin promptly and no one is admitted once the door closes
For further information: bzeller@nred.org or mheywood@nred.org Admission is Free

The CSDNR Parent Home Access Center

Forgot your password, need an account, please email: 


2014 New York State English/Language Arts and Math Assessment Results

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) has released ELA and Math assessment results. Please note that there was a technical error by the Lower Hudson Regional Information Center (LHRIC) in submitting the District's grade 5 math scores to NYSED. Grade 5 math scores were inaccurately displayed upon initial posting to NYSED's website and will be unavailable until the LHRIC and NYSED remedy the situation. Parent reports will be mailed by the LHRIC in September. For further inquiries please contact your school's administrator.

Please click here for CSD New Rochelle ELA and Math Assessment Results.

Please click here for more information from NYSED about statewide test results.


Please click here for more information

New York State's $2 Billion Smart Schools Bond Act Referendum Includes $3.5 Million for New Rochelle Schools

Vote on Bond (Proposal #3) is November 4, 2014

In January 2014, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo called for New York State to invest $2 billion in its schools through a Smart Schools Bond Act that will build out schools and classrooms for the 21st Century to ensure that students graduate with the skills they need to thrive in the economy of today and tomorrow.

Specifically, if this proposal is passed, it would provide funding to allow school districts to: 1) purchase technology equipment such as interactive whiteboards and computers; 2) install high-speed wireless internet connectivity in schools and communities; 3) construct and modernize educational facilities; and 4) install high-tech security features in school buildings and on school campuses.

Should the Smart Schools Bond Act Referendum, Proposal #3, pass on November 4, 2014, The City School District of New Rochelle will receive over $3.5 million in funding for these projects.

For more information, go to:


Please remember to vote November 4, 2014.

here for more information

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Paperless Board Meetings

Click here for the link!