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Article 1

A Positive Digital Footprint

Una huella digital positiva

Thanks to cell phones, computers, and tablets, tweens can instantly interact with more people and access more information than could any generation in the past. But with these benefits come responsibilities. Encourage your child to build a good online reputation and stay safe with the following tips.

Article 2

Motivation in the Middle

La motivacion en la escuela media

When your tween is motivated to learn, he will reap huge benefits. He'll put more effort into his schoolwork - and get more out of it. And he will be more likely to stick with challenging assignments and to reach his goals. Here's how to boost your child's enthusiasm for learning.

• Summer Academy will be June 29-July 23, Monday through Thursday. (There is no academy on Fridays) 8:30am to 12:30pm. Bus schedules are coming out now. Parents can email our Summer School coordinator, Audrey Hill at ahill@nredlearn.org with any questions.

Wednesday, September 9
8:45 AM - 12:00 PM
Thursday, September 10
Day 1
First Full Day of Classes
Friday, September 11
Day 2
Mon, Sep 14 - Tue, Sep 15
Rosh Hashanah - Schools & Offices Closed

Wednesday, September 16
Day 3
Thursday, September 17
Day 4
Friday, September 18
Day 1
Monday, September 21
Day 2

Thank you to all who participated in our Rachel's Challenge presentations! Let's continue the chain reaction!

We are pleased to announce that our PEP RALLY in honor of the Blue Shirt Day® World Day of Bullying Prevention was a complete success. Albert Leonard Middle School was selected by the national organization, STOMP Out Bullying™ to spread the message that bullying of all kinds must be stopped. The CEO and founder of STOMP Out Bullying™, Ms. Ross Ellis, was enthusiastic to learn of our school's mission to eradicate bullying and to promote a school culture of up-standers. In addition, Armour Foods sponsored the pep rally, provided giveaways, and helped to arrange a special visit from celebrity, Mario Lopez. Please join me in celebrating the great work and partnership of STOMP Out Bullying™, Armour Foods and the City School District of New Rochelle.


Today, 8/27/2015
High: 81 Low: 61
Partly sunny
6% chance of precipitation.
Tomorrow, 8/28/2015
High: 80 Low: 64
Mostly sunny
3% chance of precipitation.
Enjoy your summer break! See you in September! Don't forget to complete your summer reading!
Dear Families and ALMS Students,

We hope everyone is geared up for an excellent summer. We are grateful to work with our amazing students, talented staff members, and incredible families. Thank you for your continued collaboration as we work to support our students on their quest to become their personal best!

Here at Albert Leonard Middle School, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety of our school community in an academically challenging and supportive learning environment. In particular, we have devoted time at ALMS to promote the up- stander mentality (as opposed to the by-stander mentality) when it comes to bullying.

In the fall, we facilitated a pep rally for students. We thank STOMP OUT Bullying and Armour Foods for hosting the pep rally. For more information about STOMP OUT Bullying, please visit: http://www.stompoutbullying.org.

In an effort to continue the momentum around our anti-bullying campaign, the entire ALMS community took part in Rachel's Challenge in November. The challenge included a series of student empowering, educator motivating programs, and a series of five strategies (challenges) to equip students and adults to create/sustain safe, caring and compassionate learning environments. Please feel free to visit the Rachel's Challenge website for additional information about this program:  http://www.rachelschallenge.org.

During the winter, we focused on encouraging members of our school community to pay things forward through random acts of kindness. Students have worked on fund-raising for the needy, collecting supplies for our local animal shelter, and thinking about the power of their words and the impact, good and bad, that they can have on another person.

Students also worked to raise money for The Make A Wish Foundation. During our second school spirit week, students were encouraged to pay things forward and to make an impact by considering the small gestures they can do in order to help other people.

In the spring, students worked on a food drive and campaign to raise funds for cancer victims.Our student council, led by Ms. Heiss, has been instrumental in keeping the momentum going and fostering a community of students looking to make a positive contribution to our world at large.

With appreciation,
John Barnes
ALMS Principal

To the Albert Leonard Middle School Families,

It is with great enthusiasm that we are upon the 2014 - 2015 school year! My name is John Barnes and I am thrilled to be working with you and to serve the community as the Albert Leonard principal. I have worked for the last eleven years as a middle school principal. I love working with students as they transition from childhood to young adulthood and believe it is the most important time in the lives of young scholars.

The Latest edition of Highlights is now available! Click above to enjoy!

A Message for 8th Grade Students interested in Algebra and Living Environment

At ALMS, students may have the opportunity to earn high school credits by taking Algebra and Living Environment during their 8th grade year of middle school. It is important to note, students who begin these courses will have their grades recorded on their OFFICIAL high school transcript.
Please note, placement decisions are based on a collaborative effort which includes input and recommendations from the 7th grade teacher teams.  Report card grades, homework completion, overall class participation and behavior are all considered when making selections for these advanced courses. Students also take an Algebra Placement Test at the end of seventh grade to determine their overall readiness. The selections are led by our content area department chairs.

If you have any questions pertaining to your child's class program for September, please contact:
Mathematics Chair - Mr. John Pratt (jpratt@newrochelle.k12.ny.us)
Science Chair - Ms. Marselle Heywood (mheywood@newrochelle.k12.ny.us)
We hope you enjoy the summer and look forward to seeing you in September!!!

Congratulations to our STEP Team who took 2nd place in The Nationals in Daytona, Florida this past Spring. Great job!

Fall Sports Preseason Schedule – 2015

Please Note:  All Sport Physical or Interval Forms MUST be in the Nurses Office at New Rochelle High School prior to AUGUST 17TH.  The form can be returned to the Health Office by one of the following ways:

1.  U.S. Mail

2.  Fax to 632-4232

3.  In person on July 29, 30 or 31 and August 10, 11 or 12 between 9am and 12 noon.

Failure to submit the form prior to this date can prevent a student from being medically cleared to participate in a sport. The earliest official start date for the Fall sports season is August 17thClick here for information on each team.

GRADE 8 Summer Assignment for NRHS 2015 click here
Immortal Whole text click here

GRADES 6 and 7 Summer Reading Assignment - click below

Grade 6 and 7 ALMS Parent Letter
Grade 6 and 7 Student Direction Sheet
Grade 6 and 7 Summer Assignment
Scoring Rubric 2015 Summer Reading

Read the non-fiction article that corresponds with the novel you have chosen.

· For The Keeper, read “Tourette Syndrome

· For I Am Malala, read “The Price of Going to Class.

· For The Warrior’s Heart, read “The More You Sweat in Peacetime the Less You Bleed War.

· For Taking Flight, read “Sierra Leone War Orphan Returns to Africa En Poine for Ballet Debut.

MODEL UN CLUB TAKES NEW YORK: The Model UN Club participated in the 10th Global Classrooms International Middle School model United Nations Conference, the largest of its kind. Thirty students traveled to New York City and attended opening ceremonies in the United Nations General Assembly Hall. It was exciting for students to be able to be in a place where world leaders have spoken and tried to tackle global problems. Students researched their assigned countries and topics prior to the conference and were eager to use their knowledge to work with other students to resolve some of the challenging problems facing the world. They spent two days in committee and developed promising resolutions and had fun in the process. Out of almost 1700 students, four Albert Leonard students were recognized for their efforts in their respective committees. Dylan Klein and Jack Rieger received Honorable Mention Best Delegation while Carly Rieger and Lisbet Trinidad were honored with the Outstanding Delegation award. We are proud of all of our delegates for their hard work. We look forward to returning next year.
IMG_4426.JPG IMG_4272.JPG

Click here for the ALMS Extra Help Schedule! 
Extra Help Schedule.pdf
Please see link below for ALMS Co-Curricular Schedule 2014-2015.
Co-Curricular Schedule 2014.pdf
CSDNR CLOUD Information:

To CSDNR Parents & Guardians for Students in Grades 3-12
In order better to support teaching, learning and communications with your child(ren) in Grades 3-12 we
will be providing a secure CSDNR Google for Education email accounts for your child. This email
account will be utilized in the CSDNR CLOUD and students will only be able to communicate with
CSDNR teachers and with other CSDNR students who have nredlearn.org accounts. It is secure,
monitored, and safe.
Inside the CSDNR CLOUD students will be able to utilize secured email, word processing,
spreadsheets, presentation software, virtual storage, eBooks, wiki's, instructional software and
discussion boards-all secured and inside the CSDNR CLOUD. Students will not be able to email or
communicate outside the CSDNR CLOUD. Students will be monitored to make sure that they utilize
these tools responsibly and for the purpose of teaching, learning and communications. Access to email,
discussion boards, and virtual projects, will give students more opportunities to practice reading,
writing, research and communication skills. It will also provide students who are shy and have a
question, to communicate with their teachers through email. In addition, students using Google Docs
can electronically send their writing, presentations and projects to their teachers for feedback.
If you do not want your child to participate in this program, you can opt out by writing a note to your
building Principal stating that you do not wish your child(ren) to have a CSDNR Google for Education
email account.
If you choose to opt out, understand your child(ren) will be given the instructional
resources in a paper format and still be required to complete all assigned work.
We are excited to move instruction to a more 21st Century model for Grades 3-12 and extend learning
in a more digital way. We invite you to review the CSDNR CLOUD at www.nredlearn.org.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact:
Dr. Coleman, Director of Technology, Email: ccoleman@nred.org

En Espanol click here

Web-based Resources - Instructions for Students
We are pleased to provide students with access to Successmaker and Castle Learning. Please use the following instructions when logging on both from home and at school.
To log on to the SuccessMaker Student Interface and launch an assignment:
1. Open your browser and go to http://albertleonard.nred.org
2. Hover over your mouse cursor over "Student" and a menu will open. Click on "Successmaker" on the bottom of that menu.
3. On the "Log In" page, enter your Username (Student ID) and Password (Student ID), and then click "Log In."
4. Click your course's name on the "Assignments"page to launch the assignment.
To exit an assignment and log off the Student Interface:
1. Click the X (Close) to exit your course and preserve your session data.
2. Click "Log "Out" on the Student Interface page to log off SuccessMaker.
1. Go to www.castlelearning.com
2. Enter your child's CLO login ID and password* and click the Sign In button. *Note: If your child has not set a password, leave the password field blank for the first time and click Sign In. Then, follow the steps to create a password.
3. Assignments from teachers will appear near the top of the page under the section labeled Your Classes.
4. To generate an assignment without a teacher, select a Course to review in the middle of the Student Home Page and click the GO button. Once the screen refreshes your child can create an activity or review completed work.
5. Should you have any questions, please contact support@castlelearning.com

ALMS - Common Core Learning Standards Power Point presentation
ALMS PTA meeting
click here

Thank you to all who helped make Blue Shirt Day® World Day of Bullying Prevention a success!

We are pleased to announce that our recent PEP RALLY in honor of the Blue Shirt Day® World Day of Bullying Prevention was a complete success. Albert Leonard Middle School was selected by the national organization, STOMP Out Bullying™ to spread the message that bullying of all kinds must be stopped. The CEO and founder of STOMP Out Bullying™, Ms. Ross Ellis, was enthusiastic to learn of our school's mission to eradicate bullying and to promote a school culture of up-standers. In addition, Armour Foods sponsored the pep rally, provided giveaways, and helped to arrange a special visit from celebrity, Mario Lopez. Please join me in celebrating the great work and partnership of STOMP Out Bullying™, Armour Foods and the City School District of New Rochelle.

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Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports

Find out more about PBIS and CSDNR designing schoolwide systems for student success!

What is PBIS?

Visit: www.nyspbis.org

Parents/Guardians of K-12 Students

The CSDNR Home Access Center is currently unavailable due to the K-12 Homeroom Registration Assignment process.  Once this process is complete, the portal will be available once again.  The anticipated date is mid-August.

Thank you for your patience.



Administrators, teachers, staff and students in grade 3-12 are moving to our Google for Education platform:   @nredlearn.org 

As of July 3rd, email addresses in our website directories will change, so please note. To reach an individual by email you will (for most individuals) type in the first initial of their first name followed by their last name and then @nredlearn.org (previously it was simply @nred.org).



Fall Sports Forms Due by August 17!

To make sure you are ready to start practice, please submit your sports physical or interval forms to the nurse's office at New Rochelle High School prior to August 17 via:

Congratulations Class of 2015!

We extend our congratulations and job well-done to all our graduates. Please visit the district Facebook page to view photos from New Rochelle High School's ceremony plus the moving up ceremonies at all CSDNR schools:


My Brother’s Keeper New Rochelle to Host Local Action Summit June 11

All are invited to help plan course of success for young people, from pre-K through college and careers; MBK National Entrepreneurial Champion Mike Muse is Keynote Speaker.

MBK Flyer English

MBK Flyer Spanish

M. Muse Bio


Planetarium Show June 18 at 7 PM

Spend an Evening Under the Stars. Find out why Earth has seasons!

June18 Planetarium.pdf
Wipro Science Fellowships

2015-2017 Wipro Science Education Fellowships were awarded to five CSDNR teachers.

NRHS on stage at Carnegie Hall

On Wednesday, June 3, the outstanding student musicians from NRHS will be performing at Carnegie Hall. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you don’t want to miss.

NRHS students featured on FIOS1 at:


For ticket information visit:


Letter from Board President Merchant

On Tuesday, May 19, the 2015-16 proposed school district budget was solidly approved by the majority of voters of our community. Board of Education President Lianne Merchant thanks voters and shares her thoughts in this letter.

Seventh Graders Explore Pathways to Careers

CSDNR middle schools held their annual seventh grade career days in May. Students from Isaac E. Young and Albert Leonard Middle Schools were exposed to more than 50 professionals and learned the pathways necessary to a variety of careers.

Results of the City School District of New Rochelle Budget and Board Trustee Vote of May 19, 2015

PTA Council Launches Website

The City School District of New Rochelle PTA Council announces the launch of its website www.nrptac.org.
The website is a gateway to all individual New Rochelle schools' PTA websites, New York State PTA website, National PTA website and more. It also hosts a Calendar and News section.

Jake Gallin Honored in Washington, DC for Volunteerism

On Sunday, May 3, Albert Leonard Middle School 7th grade student Jake Gallin was honored in a ceremony at the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History.  He was named one of America’s top 10 youth volunteers of 2015.


NRHS 3rd Annual Latino Youth Leadership Conference  featured on WNBC

Watch the segment from Visiones:


SEPTA's We Are One Celebration a Rousing Success

Mayor Noam Bramson received the prestigious Bridges award and NRHS junior Michael Apollo, Jr. accepted the first Bridges student award.



NRHS Latino Youth Leadership Conference featured on Fios1 News!


Dr. Osborne's Huffington Post article published April 7, 2015:

Student Academic Success Gets Boost from Fitness and Nutrition

CSDNR Schools Open Wednesday, September 9

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Paperless Board Meetings

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2014 New York State English/Language Arts and Math Assessment Results

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) has released ELA and Math assessment results. Please note that there was a technical error by the Lower Hudson Regional Information Center (LHRIC) in submitting the District's grade 5 math scores to NYSED. Grade 5 math scores were inaccurately displayed upon initial posting to NYSED's website and will be unavailable until the LHRIC and NYSED remedy the situation. Parent reports will be mailed by the LHRIC in September. For further inquiries please contact your school's administrator.

Please click here for CSD New Rochelle ELA and Math Assessment Results.

Please click here for more information from NYSED about statewide test results.


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