Incoming 6th Grade Information

The following is a summary of activities that take place as part of the orientation for 5th grade students transitioning into 6th grade. Our 5th grade students come primarily from three elementary schools, Ward Elementary, Davis Elementary and Webster Elementary. We also have new students come into the district for middle school each year.

Elementary School Visits (takes place in May)- 5th grade tours-Each elementary school is invited to ALMS so students can have a 45 minute orientation which includes an introduction by current 6th grade students who attended their elementary school. The orientation includes administrators, counselors and clinicians.This overview includes: schoolwide expectations,  school climate/culture

Student introductions - include what to expect in 6th grade, the differences between elementary and middle school, academic pathways, co-curricular activities, school structure,daily schedules, 6th grade overview, understanding the 4 day cycle, transportation, drop off and pick procedures, lockers, cafeteria and lunch procedures, accelerated pathways, behavior expectations, SEL, ALMS website, library procedures.

Parent Orientation - Parents are invited to an orientation event. This is an opportunity to introduce the clinical team, the school counselors, and the administrative team. This is an information session which will allow families to get an overview of the ALMS middle school experience. Special focus will be on the differences between elementary and middle school and academic pathways.  (Information still to come on dates and times)

Summer Tours - Please stop by during the summer to get a quick tour of the building with one of our Administrators. *Schedule will be linked here when applicable*

August Orientation - Late in August: Team building activities, Scavenger hunt: Students receive a blank “passport” that has a page for each location to visit. Each student’s passport is stamped at each location. Small subject related (Oriental Trading Co.) items are purchased and given to students when they find their way to each location. These include: nurse’s office, main office, technology room, library, art rooms, band room, etc. We will have a mini orientation for any students who register for orientation during the course of the summer.  This is approximately two hours long and is facilitated by our teachers, administrative team and counseling staff. 

Summer Assignments - Don't forget to check to see if you have any Summer Assignments here.

Chromebook Responsibilities - As a Middle School student, you are required to come to school with your district-provided chromebook charged. The district-provided chromebook is also your responsibility; if it's in your backpack, locker, on a bus, or at home, you must keep it protected from being damaged or lost/stolen.

Please refer to the Device Loaner Form, which you have signed with your parent/guardian, and review the terms and conditions listed on the form both inside and outside of school (scroll down to the bottom of the form to see all terms and conditions).

To all parents/guardians, please speak with your child regarding Chromebook care and responsibilities. Some of the computers are damaged due to students spilling liquids, tossing them to the ground during recess, getting knocked around in a backpack, or dropping them. Damaged Chromebooks are subject to fees. You may want to consider purchasing a case as was indicated on the school supply list.

First Day of School - Students come to school at their scheduled time. The 6th grade has the longest time in the school without other students. On this day students receive their locker assignment, class schedule and meet their cluster teachers. During this day, teachers go through the individual student’s schedules with students and explain how they are structured. They take tours of the building, practice locker combinations, and organize lockers. They also begin some of the organization structures we have worked with from the “Study Skills Across the Curriculum” program. We begin explaining how to use their agenda books, keep a locker organized, how to organize materials with color-coded binders, folders, etc. This first day allows students to become more accustomed to the building, the use of their lockers, and meeting new friends. The second day of school begins the regular full day schedule.

Lockers: Students will be given their locker assignments from their teachers during the first day of school. Students should bring along their combination lock so that they may secure their assigned locker. Teachers will also store students' combinations securely so that they may assist in case they need a reminder.

ALMS Rising 6th Grade

Summer Bridge Orientation

ALMS will be hosting two dates of the optional rising 6th Grade Summer Bridge Orientation Sessions from 9:00am - 11:00am on the following dates:

*Schedule to be posted here when applicable*

To manage the group orientation group sizes, we are offering two separate sessions. Students will only need to attend one (1) of these sessions as the same material is covered on both days. Each orientation will feature a presentation in the auditorium followed by team building activities led by members of our ALMS Staff. 

ALMS will also be hosting a "Scavenger Hunt Day" *Date and Time Pending*. In order to attend this session, a student must have attended either Session A or Session B. Students receive a blank “passport” that has a page for each location to visit. Each student’s passport is stamped at each location.These include: nurse’s office, main office, technology room, library, art rooms, band room, etc.

Please CLICK HERE to complete the RSVP Form

*For students unable to attend our summer sessions, we will also be covering the content during the opening days of the school year.*