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Please read this Document first - ALMS Summer Work Letter 2023-24

Grade 6 Summer Math Assignments

Algebra / Geometry Summer Assignments


Please make sure that you are signed into your nredlearn google account when you click and open the links below. YOU MUST BE IN YOUR SCHOOL ACCOUNT TO ACCESS THE FOLLOWING SUMMER DOCUMENTS.

There are two ways to respond and hand in the ELA Summer Reading Assignments.

  1. You can click on the download link below and save an editable copy to your own Google Drive, type in your responses, and your Middle School ELA teacher will give you further directions for turning in the Summer Assignment through Google Classroom in September.

  2. Or you can click on and open up the PDF Summer Assignment link below, print it out, hand write your responses and turn that document in to your Middle School ELA teacher in September.

Editable Copies of ELA Summer Assignments:

PDF Copies of ELA Summer Assignments:

Link to 9th Grade Summer Reading Assignment/Outgoing 8th Graders

Social Studies

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