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Which school district won the most awards at the Tri County Science and Technology Virtual Fair? The City School District of New Rochelle!

 And Albert Leonard Middle School students won the most awards in the middle school division!

Congratulations to all the winners in the competition, organized by the Putnam Children’s Discovery Center, Inc. and the Westchester section of the Science Teachers Association of New York State.

"Our young scientists from all over the district came together to demonstrate their outstanding passion for science and excellent research," said Jeff Wuebber, a New Rochelle High School science teacher and director of the high school’s Science Research Program. "The future of science in New Rochelle is bright with stars like these among us!"

The honorees:

Elementary School Division

Daniel Webster Elementary School: Alyssa Nask and Yuneeb Uzun, Excellent Achievement In Chemistry

Trinity Elementary School: Adrian Abreu, Excellent Achievement In Earth and Space Science; Suwaida Lawal, Excellent Achievement In Earth and Space Science. “My research was about leap years; what they are, and why we have them,” Lawal said. The win “feels amazing and I'm elated and humbled. It is very exciting. I would like to continue this research in the future to understand the trends in instances where the leap years are eight (exceptions) rather than four (the norm).”

Jefferson Elementary School: Rawan Abdelqader, Excellent Achievement In Engineering & Technology

Middle School Division

Albert Leonard Middle School

Noah Rosencrantz, first place in Engineering and Technology for his research into determining the characteristics of an aerodynamic shape. “I was honored and excited to win this award and I was also happy for my fellow scientists at Albert Leonard Middle School because our school won the top performing middle school in the competition,” said Rosencrantz, who thanked his mentor and sister, Ariel, for teaching him how to present his research at Tri County. “I would like to continue similar research in the field of engineering and technology and hope to do this in the near future as part of the Science Research program at New Rochelle High School.”

Lia Seelenfreund, second place in Chemistry

Scarlett Hartzman, first place in Psychology

Emily Rossi, second place in Psychology

Cory Seelenfreund, second place in Math and Computers

Daniel Webster Elementary School

Eliana Johnson, third place in Chemistry (per contest rules, fifth-graders compete in the middle-school division)

Susan Schaell Handelman Award for Scholastic Excellence in Science & Technology for the Top Performing Middle School: Albert Leonard Middle School

Broadcom Masters Nominee: Noah Rosencrantz, Albert Leonard Middle School (Broadcom Masters is the nation’s premier middle-school Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, or STEM, competition for students in grades 6-8.)

Broadcom Masters Alternates: Lia Seelenfreund and Scarlett Hartzman, Albert Leonard Middle School

Judge Edith Miller Excellence in Education Award for Top-Scoring Middle-School Project: Noah Rosencrantz, Albert Leonard Middle School

High School Division

Dylan Sadow, second place in Clinical Psychology. “It was a great accomplishment to have my research recognized at Tri County and to know that others found my research interesting,” said Sadow, whose research analyzed a previous virtual treatment for substance addiction to determine the presence of dose response, and to see if an increase in the number of virtual modules would result in less drug use. “I am excited to continue my research with the Mount Sinai Addiction Institute this summer. Instead of conducting data analysis on a previous study, I will be analyzing a new type of addiction treatment. This will be a great opportunity to conduct research from a different angle.”

Ariel Rosencrantz, second place in Physiological & Experimental Psychology

Elena Adams, second place in Physiological & Experimental Psychology

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