Albert Leonard Middle School Graduation

Albert Leonard Middle School on June 22 graduated 336 eighth-graders who are now headed to New Rochelle High School. The festivities included a performance of “Seasons of Love” by the school chorus and a host of honors and awards. The highest grade-point average was achieved by Mollie Aisner, and Truman Broutman was honored as having the second-highest grade point average in the graduating class.

Superintendent Jonathan Raymond addressed the class. “The best is yet to come,” he said. “You represent the very best of New Rochelle, and the brightest.”

Board of Education President Julia Muggia Ochs told the graduates, “We look to you to continue your path and stay engaged. Be brave. Try good, new things.”

Aisner and Student Council President Jack Speight reflected on students’ years at Albert Leonard.

“Our middle school years were not like it is in TV shows, movies, or stories that some of us read. It was different and exciting, and challenging at every turn. While not all of us experienced these years the same way, it was something we all went through, and it is something we are all connected by,” Aisner said.

Speight said, “COVID shook us all up. Our teachers were the MVPs. Although it took us 20 minutes to take attendance every day, they tried their hardest to make sure our learning experience was just as good as if we were sitting in class.”

Principal Camille Edwards-Thomas admired the resilience of the students in the face of the many adversities they have endured over the past few years.

“I know you are the generation that will take back kindness, save our planet, do more and love more than the generations before. The world awaits you,” she said. “Over the next few years, you’ll have an opportunity to really show all of us: your teachers, your parents, the community, who you are.”

Congratulations, New Rochelle High School Class of 2026!